Language Schools Rejoice! CS1.0 is Now LIVE!!!

We are pleased to announce that v1.0 of Clockwork Sensei is now live and features everything Language School administers need to effectively run their Language Schools! Clockwork Sensei is a powerful Cloud-based Scheduling and School Management System ideal for Language Schools, including Eikaiwa(英会話).

Features for Language Schools

Here is a quick explanation of the feature set:

Student View

Scheduling: View, book and cancel lessons via an intuitive schedule in the cloud.
Recordings & Notes: Access to lesson notes and recordings for each lesson via the cloud.
Ratings & Feedback: Rate lessons and provide feedback on individual lessons.
Language Support: English, Japanese (Full)

Teacher View

Lesson Review: Review previous lessons and prepare for upcoming lessons.
Recordings & Notes: Take notes and record lessons directly from the browser.
Remarks: Leave remarks for Admins on individual lessons.
Language Support: English, Japanese (Partial)

Admin View

Flexible Lessons: Support for group lessons as well as multiple teachers per lesson allowing you to define the lesson parameters that best suit your school.
Point Tracking: Allot spendable points to students to book lessons. Charges and refunds are handled automatically when students book and cancel. Admins may also manually charge and refund students.
Payment Tracking: Track which students have paid for which point buckets and their respective value.
Fixed Schedules: Prepare schedules in advance before publishing them
Recordings & Notes: Fully manage Recordings and Notes for all lessons. Manual upload and deletion.
Remarks: Review teacher remarks for all lessons.
Reports: Get up to the second reports on essential school metrics.
Multi-School: Split schedules, students and teachers between multiple schools.
Language Support: English, Japanese (Partial)

Future Updates

Clockwork Sensei is an ever evolving project with the primary goal of. We are continually trying to improve the functionality and experience for all our users.

We plan to:

  • Expand Language Support
  • Improve Reporting with even more useful metrics
  • Expand Curriculums to support a teaching materials library
  • And a lot more!

Also, if you have any feature requests or questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!